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Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders

Welcome to the Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders
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The Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders
(Founded Oct of 2003)
All rights Reserved.

The Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders are a web based Sportbike Club. The majority of correspondence and organization is conducted in the club's forums.

As a club we have developed a 'Fast n' Safe' Riding style that both new riders and racers can enjoy. Staying within your limits, not riding with emotion, and proper gear and techniques are all part of our philosophy. We pride ourselves on having some of the best riders in the area in our club.

The club is focused on riding, but core club members are like brothers. We ride together, share holidays together, share many beers together, support one another, and share more beer.

Non-club members are very welcome to join in on open club events. Any event you can read on the forums is open to you. Private events and discussions are located in restricted areas of the forums.

Non-Club Members are referred to as Members and Club Members are dues paying members.

Club members are selected by the club. Members are evaluated and nominated by other club members. Once nominated, club members are voted in by the club staff.

Becoming a club member is not open to all. You choose us, then we choose you.

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