FS 2013 GS1200 ADV

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FS 2013 GS1200 ADV

Post by fixxervi6 » Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:45 pm

It's officially up for sale, $12,000 with lots of extras, when I get to post publicly I'll do up a full write up - this is a full sale for turn key ADV/Riding everything is going with it, considering what all the bike comes with I think it's a great deal, some of the accessories are mega expensive.

No, I'm not willing to separate the items to lower the price of the bike because then I have to deal with trying to sell the rest of the crap separately.

BMW 1200 ADV with full hard luggage and GPS, some of the included items:
Power Distribution Module
Coolshirt cooling system complete for single or dual riders, includes everything except the shirts, I'm keeping my mobile systems and stationary system, besides you wouldn't want my shirts they are quite "used" This shit was stupid expensive but it works really well, I've been out on 100 degree days and I've gotten cold and had to switch it off.
Endruo pro unlock
GP shift shiftier (bike is unmodified so easy to switch back)
folding shift lever (so it doesn't brake when you drop the bike)
Headlight cover (does not come with the bike stock it's an upgrade item) - this piece of plastic is a $100 mod so yea I'm calling it out.
Seatback pad on the top box (does not come with the bike stock, it's an upgrade item)
Aftermarket adjustable foot pegs
highway pegs with hide away storage
Auxiliary lights, clear water I believe - they make a hell of a difference
Custom additional storage boxe's on the side and rear, great for things like tools
Motorcycle tool kit including small compressor
Handle bar risers - unless your really short these are a must have on the BMW
Inner bags for the boxes
Top box is rigged with power, two 12v outlets controlled by the cool shirt aux switch, great for charging electronics on the go
Top box bags, doubling your box storage
Body armor, I don't remember what it is but it's not cheap
Touring suit, if the stuff doesn't fit you just pay it forward
Summer armored jacket with upgraded back pad, with custom tailored attachment for armored pants, so summer and winter outfits
two helmets, one very used
Marauder helmet - used once with transition shield and pak talk mount, great helmet, my plan was to transition to this helmet full time.
Bell helmet - probably damn near worn out with pak talk mount and hard-v heads up transmitter
How many ever pak talks I have left, I think I might have 3 cause I think I busted one of them.
Boots are completely worn out, I need new ones but I have a hard time finding shit that fits so I'm throwing them in for "free"
Battery tender, not the cheap crappy "tender" ones, one of the nicer ones
Includes a piece of shit AGM battery, do yourself a favor and throw the god damn thing in the trash and get you a regular lead acid.
Escort MAX 360 with mount and hard-v transmitter
Second GPS with mount and hard wired for power, TomTom Ryder - this is an excellent motorcycle GPS and usually use, tomtom on road, the onboard GPS for offroad or exploring.
I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting that I'll find when I pull out the motorcycle box and start digging through it but it's all going with the bike, hell I may even throw in the tent.
Bonus item: GPS lap timer

Bike currently has Karoo knobbies on it, they do great onraod and offroad but they do cause noticeable vibration and you'll get light and get some wobble at around 100mph, street tires the bike is solid all the way up to 145mph even with full luggage. Tires have tread left but rear has a plug and they tread is getting worn down, they'd need replaced before a big trip but they have miles left in them.
I'm not going to go over the features of the BMW GS you can google that yourself, it's a bad ass bike and you'd be shocked just how nimble it can be and the boxer motor is addictive, my favorite motor of all the bikes I've ever owned.

I'm the second owner, the first owner put most of the mods on it and about 3,000 miles and sold it due to divorce, it's never been wrecked but it's been dropped exactly twice, no damage other than maybe a scratch on the crash bars.
The bike does have some minor damage from falling over while trailing (truck ran us off the road) the front rim got a scratch on it and there is a gouge in the throttle grip, the heated grips work fine and due to the spot that got the gouge it doesn't affect me so I just left it.

Free test rides for old school club members, everyone else put the cash in my hand and take it out for the day if you'd like, bring it back in the condition it left if you don't want it you get your cash back when I get my bike back.
'14 RGS1200 ADV