What you should/should not do when pulled over by the police

Please read the riding guidelines before joining us on a ride. We want everyone to have a good time and its best to know what to to expect.
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What you should/should not do when pulled over by the police

Post by GSXRRider » Thu Nov 02, 2006 9:24 pm

1) Do not say to the officer ‘man you should have seen me earlier I was doing a buck fifty, it was cool’.

2) As soon as you pull over take off your helmet, this will humanize you. With the helmet on you are another punk on a bike. (Psychology)

3) Do not say 'Cool a speeding ticket!! I thought you where gunna bust me for DUI, cause I am wasted’.

4) Do not say how fast you where actually going. If you are going to say any speed say the speed limit. They ask ‘how fast do you think you where going’ to get a confession.

5) Do not make pig noises at the officer; their tails get all curly when you do this.

6) Be polite and show respect. Some of these guys are really wired when they pull you over. In some cases you need to be the calm one. In many cases, after they speak with you and run your ID for warrants, they let you go.

7) Do not throw a donut from your bike thinking they will stop to get it. They usually only pause and continue the pursuit. If you have an automatic donut launcher with 20 round clip this may work. Proceed at your own risk.

8 As a sport bike rider we ride over the speed limit on occasion. Getting tickets WILL happen. In the club we refer to this as Sport Bike Tax. There are worse things than paying the Sport Bike tax. These guys always are thinking worst case scenerio, its their jobs.

We are an officer friendly club and respect what they are doing out there. It sucks to get tickets, but it would be worse to have a sport bike and ride the speed limit all the time. 8)