Ride Classifications

Please read the riding guidelines before joining us on a ride. We want everyone to have a good time and its best to know what to to expect.
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Ride Classifications

Post by GSXRRider » Thu Nov 02, 2006 9:10 pm

Rides are classified by the 'Ride Leader' as they are posted on the 'Forums'. The ride classifications are Moderate, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The ride classifications were developed so each person can participate and have fun within the Sport Club.

The definition of moderate, intermediate, or advanced can mean different things for different people. What one person considers Intermediate another will view as advanced and another as moderate. The definitions below are the FWMR definitions of these terms.

MODERATE - The Moderate rides are the slowest rides we host. These rides are great for beginner riders (with basic skills), bringing a passenger, folks who like a slower pace, or learning to ride as a group. The pace for a moderate ride is at, or near, posted speed limits. The Ride Leader will not exceed 10mph over the posted limit during the ride.

The moderate rides, while slow are not the place for beginner riders who are still learning the basic muscle mechanics pertaining to the use of the controls. Group riding is more difficult than solo riding or riding with 1 or 2 others. Please have your basic skills mastered before joining any group ride.

INTERMEDIATE - Intermediate rides are the most common rides hosted by the Club. The pace on the country roads is what we call spirited and has the tendency to remain above posted speeds. Each rider must be familiar with group riding skills before going on these rides. It is recommended that all new members ride one or two moderate rides before going on an intermediate ride.

These rides can seem fast to a person not accustomed to riding with us. No rider will be left behind and the group will wait for all members at stop signs and lights. Remember we are never in a hurry, we just like moving quickly. The speeds are always dictated by conditions! In addition we use radios. The ride leader usually has a radio and each riding group has a tail gunner. The leader and gunner keep track of all riders and their abilities over the radios for safety.

You are responsible for keeping your emotions and ego in check. Some of the fastest riders in the state ride in this club and can pull less experienced riders off the road. It has happened and it will happen again, don’t let it be you. You need to stay within your limits and make the club wait for you; no one will be upset if you go too slow. We are not ok with people riding over there head and getting hurt.

Ride, have fun, relax and enjoy the blur.

ADVANCED - The advanced rides are by invitation only (Sorry). These can be very very quick rides and for safety, the FWMR have determined that it is best to evaluate a rider's skill on a couple of Intermediate rides before inviting anyone on the advanced rides.

The advanced rides are for Club Members only, small groups of 6 riders or less, and club member guests. These rides, like all of the rides, are managed so that they remain safe. The speeds are dictated by the conditions and the ride leader.