The Police

Please read the riding guidelines before joining us on a ride. We want everyone to have a good time and its best to know what to to expect.
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The Police

Post by GSXRRider » Thu Nov 02, 2006 9:18 pm

Because we ride safely and calmly through the city and on highways we are rarely pulled over by the police.

In a large group of riders the police can cause a distraction and confusion. With 10-30 riders in a group, knowing what to do when the police get behind the group is important.

We have basic procedures that all riders who ride with us agree to by participating in club rides.

1) This club does not run.

2) Maintain the speed limit while being pursued

3) Stay calm

4) When the officer gets behind you slow down and start to pull over at a safe location.

5) If the person in front of you is being pulled over DO NOT PULL IN ALSO; UNLESS YOU REALLY WOULD LIKE TO PAY A TICKET TOO.

6) The rider selected by the officer will pullover, all other riders will keep moving.

7) Everyone on the ride will contribute to the cost of the ticket.

The ticket could have been given to anyone on the ride; usually it is the ride leader. All riders will contribute equal shares to pay the ticket for the person who received it. This usually works out to $10-$25 each rider.

The rules apply to all local ride posted by a ride leader on the forums. For Big Rides and other special events this will be discussed and agreed to before the start or of the ride.