3:16 Trackdays - New TD Organization

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3:16 Trackdays - New TD Organization

Post by Ignacio » Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:11 pm

Hey Y'all

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me on the message board. I have an app on my web site and I keep getting clicks from here so I texted my friend Rick Hornung and asked if hey thought it be OK for me to post here.

This year (2019) I only have 2 Dates at Cresson and they are odd dates ... hopefully if all goes well next year I can do more!

Spring Break March 18 (Monday) I will be on the 1.7 going CCW

Labor Day September 2 (Monday) I will be on the 1.3 going CCW

I have a bunch of dates at MSRH including Memorial Day, June1 (Saturday), August 3/4 (Sat/SUN), and also Labor Day September 2 (Monday)

Key Features

1. Only 28-34 Riders Per Group Depending on the Track/Day
2. 30 Minute to 1 Hour Sessions
3. 4:1 "teacher to student" ratio ( 1 hour sessions will help you get more time with them )
4. Personalized Training Plan - We will ask you what you want to work on, and assign you with someone accordingly
5. Novice Racers and Expert Racers will be providing the "Mentoring"

For More Info please visit us on https://316trackdays.com and read all the info