3:16 MSRC 6-7

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3:16 MSRC 6-7

Post by WickerMan » Sun Jun 07, 2020 4:45 pm

Since Jeff posted, I thought I would add, that active military can ride COTA no cost July something, around the 4th or on, please check and if you know someone...

I rode today using my credit from last year. 3:16 had a mentor, 2 others and me. Really no other interaction. I was good with that. The first session is 30 min, after that 1 hr off, one on. I thought that would be an issue but no. I stayed out one hour almost straight, one time stopped to pee mid. I actually felt unrushed, as we had a coach and class of 3 all day. Maybe turnout was low, but the track seemed half full all the time. One thing, their golden rule vague passing allowance, had one rider try to beat me to the apex of ricochet whole following my mentor and a slower rider, as I was instructed. Considering what I’ve seen, not the place. Other than that, highly recommended, RS is $170 this was like $230. One of those COTA events might be better than RS

It was my first time on the 636 on the 1.7, and I was barely slower than the POV Nov shirted CMRA guys, by the end of the day, and on S21’s. All and all, considering the heat, a successful day.
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