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About BJ's Brew House

BJ's Brew House provides great service, food, and atmosphere.

Please tip the waitresses well. We use this area all night and they treat us right!!

About the Bike Nights

The Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders Bike Nights are not really about the bikes. They are about the people in the club and spending time with friends. Riding to these events is optional and most people ride to these events, but some don't.

All Bike Nights are on, no matter what the weather brings. We will be there on the scheduled dates at 7:00pm.

If you have never ridden with us this is a great time to meet the members of the club. If you have ridden with us a couple times you know that most of the time on our rides is spent in the saddle; not leaving a lot of time for socializing.  This is a great way to get to know the people you ride with.

Everyone is invited and these are open events to members and club members. We hope to see you at the next bike night! You are officially Invited.

Raffle winners are selected publicly at the Bike Nights and entries into the raffles can be made through the club treasure at Bike Nights. Club Members can also pick up club cards as needed during Bike Nights.

Directions & Maps

Address - BJ's Brew House 9401 Sage Meadow Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76177

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