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FWMR - Structure & Joining

The Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders are, at the heart, a group of guys and gals that love to ride. We are open to anyone that enjoys riding, wants to ride with the group, and follows our basic guidelines.

That being said, the FWMR does have a structure composed of six basic groups with set requirements for each group.

  • Forum Members
  • Meatballs (Prospective Club Members)
  • Honorary Members (Non riding members)
  • Club Members
  • Ride Leaders
  • Club Staff (Pres., VPs, & Moderators)

Group Definitions & Requirements

Forum Members

Forum Members are the basic entry level. The only requirement to be a Forum Member is to register on the forums.
Forum Members have access to the general forums and can read/post all they like.

They are welcome to all our 'Open' events; Bike Nights, Open Rides, and any other events posted in the Club Bike Nights and Open Events section.


Meatballs are Forum Members who have decided they'd like to take the next step towards becoming a full Club Member.

Becoming a Meatball is simple, just fill out the Meatball Information Form and include a photo showing your face. That's it. You will need to be logged into the forum in order to fill out the form. If you are not logged in you will be automatically redirected to the login page.

Your Meatball evaluation period will then begin one your information form and photo are received.

The eval period will be for 4 Months AND 4 rides. Just because you've been around for 4 months doesn't mean you get in. You also need to participate in 4 rides during your Meatball time. You DO NOT have to get 4 rides in within 4 months, and if you get 4 rides in under 4 months, you still have to wait the 4 month period. All four rides must be completed within 16 months of Meatball start date.

During this period will also be invited to any club events that are held. You are not required to attend, but it is a good chance to meet more of the club and get to know everyone.

After your Meatball eval period, the Club Members will be given 30 days to vote on making you a full Club Member. If for some reason membership is denied you can apply to become a meatball again after a 4 month wait from membership denial.

Honorary Club Members

Honorary Club Members are Members who strongly support the club, share the club's values, promotes the club, and in general has the attitude of a Club Member but does not ride with the club.

In order to become a Honorary Club Member you must:

  • Be an active board Member
  • Been with/around the club for at least a year
  • Have the attributes required to be a club member
  • Be nominated by a Club Member
  • Fill out the Meatball/Honorary Member Information Form

Once the form is completed Club Members will be givin a week to discuss and the President and Moderators will then hold a vote on making the person an Honorary Member. Not everyone will get in; we're a family more then just a club.
Honorary Club Members do not pay dues, do not get to votes on club issues, and can not sponsor Meatballs.

Club Members

In order to become a Club Member you must:

  • Be a Member
  • Have been a Meatball and met all requirements
  • Be voted in by the Club Members
  • Pay the yearly club dues

Club Members get access to the Club Member Only sections of the forums. This section is where club events are discussed, general club business is discussed and anything else that is for Club Members only.

Club Members will be expected to:

  • Represent the club proudly and portray a good public image
  • Promote the club to other riders
  • Understand and believe in the club philosophy (fast, smart and safe)
  • Riding members are expected to have a motorcycle endorsement, and be fully road legal

Ride Leaders

As a riding club, the Ride Leader position is one of the most difficult to be awarded. The Ride Leaders are the face of the club and must be selected from the Club Members because they are the best leaders, riders, and representatives. For all of those reasons the ride leaders criteria is the most stringent and strictly enforced. The requirements are:

  • Be a Club Member
  • Have a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license, insurance, and a road legal bike
  • Be nominated by a Club Moderator
  • Have 5 years of riding experience
  • Have taken the Motorcycle Safety Training Course
  • Projects a positive professional image of the club
  • Complete the Club's Ride Leader Training
  • Able to ride and Manage a group of riders
  • Skilled Rider (Exhibits and exudes confidence in their riding)
  • Be voted in by the President and Moderators, unanimous vote
  • Has participated in two track Days (Intermediate Ride Leaders Only)

Once you accept the offer to become a Ride Leader you will then be able to post up club rides and enter the exciting world of leading a ride.

President, Vice Presidents & Moderators

The Club President handles the business of the club, is the face of the club, and the guide of how the club evolves. The President is an elected possition voted on by the Moderators every 2 years starting April 2008.

The Vice Presidents double as Moderators, they too are voted in by the Moderators in April on even years.

The Moderators are there to help run the club, manage the boards, bounce ideas around, and make sure the club stays within it's philosophy. They donate their free time and listen to the members to keep the club running smoothly.

The Treasure and Webmaster will be selected from the Moderator Staff.


Joining is simple.

To become a basic Forum Member just go to the forums and register. That's it! Some things are that easy.

For those that can live by the philosophy and wish to support the club by becoming a full member dues are only $40 per year and mostly go to cover operating expenses such as our website, business cards, banners, etc. We also try to give back with a few club sponsored events per year.

To become a Club Member you simply have to meet the requirements for Meatballs, fill fill out the Meatball Information Form and once the evall period is over and a there are no objections from Club Members you become a member assuming the vote is in favor.

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