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FWMR - Rules & Guidelines

FWMR wants riders of every skill level to have a good, safe ride, and enjoy the day on the road. It is all about having a good time, riding with friends, and maybe learning something.

Motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous. The club and its members are not professional riders and are not responsible for the actions or injuries that can occur while riding as a group. You must be responsible for your own actions and maintain control of your vehicle, stay within your riding limits, and look out for your fellow rider.

Dress to Ride

All riders that ride with the FWMR will be required to wear common sense gear.

None of the gear that is required is anything beyond standard gear that all bikers should wear.

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Motorcycle Jacket
  • Long Pants
  • Boots/Sturdy shoes

We also ask that as a Club Member you represent the club well and always wear protective gear.

Basic Riding Rules

The following are the fundamental rules set forth by Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders. These rules are simple and even obvious in most cases. These rules should always be applied to every ride for the safety of the group.

  1. No Squids!  How to identify a Squid
  2. Each Ride will start with a rider brief.  The rider brief will remind people of the rules and get any contact info necessary from the riders. Most of all have fun and stay within your limits.
  3. Riders should have emergency information available when riding.
    • The club maintains a private list that riders are welcome to add their names and contact information to.
      Contact a Moderator/Ride Leader if you wish to have your info added to the list.
    • We also urge you to carry your information with you, in your bike or on your person.
  4. The Ride leader is the person leading the ride and therefore in charge of the ride. Nobody can challenge the ride leaders direction while on the road. Challenging the direction of the leader may lead to confusion within the pack and possible accidents.
  5. Do not pass the ride leader.  The ride leader knows the roads (usually) and does have the option to time stagger riders at any point. To time stagger the riders the ride leader will stop the group before a twisty section of road and release one rider every 10-20 seconds. The faster riders first followed by the slower riders.
  6. Stay in the proper formation.  There are two basic formations staggered and single file. Most of the rides are country riding and therefore single file is the most common formation. Interstate riding and low speeds through towns should be in staggered formation.
  7. No Tandem Riding.  Tandem riding is riding next to another rider within the same lane. This is not a safe riding style and can cause accidents. Tandem riding limits both riders ability to maneuver around road hazards.
  8. No passing in the same lane.  Do not pass another rider unless you have the room to do it in another lane. Each rider must have the confidence that his lane will not be compromised by another rider.
  9. No Passing in Turns.  This should be a well accepted rule. Passing in turns leads to racing and accidents. Do not pass in turns! Period! This rule will be strictly enforced.
  10. Wheelies and Stunts.  Wheelies and stunts are not forbidden. However, common sense does apply. Any stunt that may injure another member of the group if the stunt goes bad should not be done. If a person performing a wheelie goes down in front of the group, this could injure many riders and is not acceptable. Move away from the group to perform any stunts or wheelies. It is best to keep both wheels on the ground while in a group, but acceleration/power wheelies are acceptable on a limited basis.
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