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FWMR - Riding Style

We are an open club and all 'Members' are welcome to ride with us and come to our posted events without being required to pay dues or go to meetings.

There is no pressure to become a dues paying member and the size of the club is secondary to the quality.

If you are interested in becoming a 'Club Member' (dues paying member), go to the Structure & Joining page where the club's structure and how to join is defined.

How We Ride

We, as sport riders, did not purchase these amazingly fast and nimble machines to putt around the city, park at burger joints, and suck down blizzards.

We generally head to the countryside to enjoy the blacktop and watch the scenery go by as a blur in our peripheral vision. We enjoy the bikes, riding, and the camaraderie that goes with it.

We believe a rider can ride fast and safe by choosing the proper time and place to open the throttle. Using a little judgment, common sense, and leaving the ego at home can save your life and prevent most tickets. Become a fast rider quickly as opposed to a dead rider fast. Know your limits and stay within them!!

Not all riders are the same and each rider likes to ride differently. Some riders like to blast through the twisties, others like a brisk pace, and others just cruise through them. The club is made up of all of these and we accommodate all styles of riding. Check the boards for rides and join us. All are welcome.

Rides are classified by the 'Ride Leader' as they are posted on the 'Message boards'. (Ride Leaders are elected club officials.) For the classifications and their meanings see below.

Ride Classifications

The classifications are Beginner, Moderate, Intermediate, and Advanced. The ride classifications were developed so each person can participate and have fun within the club no matter what their skill level or riding style.

No rider will be left behind. The group will wait for all members at stop signs, stop lights, and major turns.

BEGINNER - Beginner rides are for new riders, riders who haven't done group riding before, or riders who want to ride with FWMR at a nice easy pace. If you feel like a Moderate ride might be too fast for your comfort level, this is the ride you want to attend. Speeds stay at legal limits, no corners are taken too fast, we ride at the pace of the slowest person, and we make frequent stops. Nobody gets left behind, and we do our best to make sure nobody gets pushed to their limits.

MODERATE - Moderate are great for riders who want a slightly faster pace than beginners but still slow enough to be relaxed and comfortable on any sized bike, with a passenger, or learning to ride with the group. The pace for a moderate ride is at or near posted speed limits. On a Moderate ride the ride leader tries to keep a closer eye on the group and adjust the speeds approperately.

INTERMEDIATE - Intermediate rides are the most common rides hosted by the club. The pace on the country roads is what we call spirited and has a tendency to remain above posted speeds. On an Intermediate ride the ride leader will keep an eye on the group but is also focused on riding his/her own ride. Intermediate rides the riders are expected to be comfortable riding with the group and have good self control, allowing the ride leader to "relax" a bit.

Each rider must be familiar with FWMR group riding before going on these rides. Because of this, we ask that you participate in a Moderate ride or two with the club before joining us on an Intermediate ride.

These rides can seem fast to a person not accustomed to riding with us. No rider will be left behind and the group will wait for all members at stop signs and lights. Remember, we are never in a hurry, we just like moving quickly. The speeds are always dictated by the conditions!

You are responsible for keeping your emotions and ego in check. Some very fast riders ride in this club, you need to stay within your limits and make the club wait for you. No one will be upset if you go too slow.

Ride, have fun, relax, and enjoy the blur.

ADVANCED - Advanced rides are by invitation only (sorry). These are very, VERY quick rides and for safety, the FWMR has determined that it is best to evaluate a rider's skill on several Intermediate rides before inviting anyone on the Advanced rides.

Advanced rides are for small groups of 6 riders or less who are Club Members, or are a well known Club Member guest. On an Advanced ride the Ride Leader will lead the path and wait up for everyone at turns but will not be keeping much of an eye on the group because everyone in the group is well known and trusted to be able to handle what the road throws at them.

These rides, like all of the rides, are managed so that they remain as safe as possible.

Where We Ride

LOCAL RIDES - Many of our rides hit some of the best roads in the area, which include 5, 51, 4, 157, 697 and several others. It takes a while to get to all of these roads, but it is worth the trip. These roads are some of the twistiest roads around and make for a great day on the bike.

Most rides include a stop for food. Our focus is the ride though, so food stops are sometimes good and other times just a quick bite. We don't ride to eat, we eat to ride.

Freeways in the area are flat, boring and overloaded with police who are trying to collect the Sportbike Tax, aka tickets. We try to stay off the freeways as much as possible and enjoy the country riding. While on the freeways we remain at speed or just slightly above the flow of traffic.

LONG RIDES - We also try to plan at least 1 or 2 long rides each year. We will take 2-4 days and head down to the Hill Country in Texas or head north into Arkansas. These rides hit some amazing roads and are some of the best riding we'll do all year long. If you can make a long ride, you don't want to miss it.

THE TRACK - Track days are not for everyone, but we encourage all sport riders to participate in a track day with a training class. These classes are the best and fastest way to develop your skills as a rider and most people come away from the track with a big smile saying it was their best day on two wheels. Be warned though, once the track gets in your blood, it's hard to get it out.

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