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FWMR - Ride Leader Training Program

The Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders takes the roll of Ride Leader very seriously. Ride leaders are responsible for making sure the ride is as safe as possible yet still fun and enjoyable. Being a ride leader not only requires being a good rider but also that you can manage a group, ride within the group's limits, maintain a cool head, and be able to enforce the guidelines of the club.

In order to ensure that an individual is ready to take on the role of a Ride Leader, we require that they go through training that the club Moderators and President have worked out.

  • Round 1: Ride Tail 2 times

  • The Tail rider is almost as important of a position as the ride leader. The tail rider is responsible for keeping an eye on the whole pack, offering advice on speeds to the ride leader, and making sure we leave no one behind.

  • Round 2: Navigation

  • The RLiT will be responsible for creating a route based on Staff selected criteria and lead a Moderate paced, Club Member Only Ride.

  • Round 3: Final Ride

  • RLiT will plan and lead a full ride and will be in full control of the ride and keeping the group together. During the ride the RLiT must demonstrate control over the group, ability to provide a fast and safe pace, and knowledge of the route.

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